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  1. کیا حال ہیں جناب
    جب سے آپ بلیک گرل سے شے مانو ہوئی ہیں لفٹ ہی نہیں کراتی
  2. hi sweetie kahan ghaib ho jati ho

    how are you ?

    jab online aaao to pm ya vm kar dena
  3. hi
    i want water mark remover software..
    some times ago i have downloaded it from urdufunda but now i cant find it..plzz share it..
  4. hi how are you dear
  5. jan ji

    subha say yeh waqat aa gia hai

    W8 karte karte
  6. Wa alaikum us *****
  7. kayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ??
    mein bhool gai aap ko ??/
  8. hi dear...
    aap k khayalon sa bahr nikln to kahn or gum ho sakti hn na
  9. "S" je
    kahan khoi hoi hain

  10. lagta hai bhool gai hain janab
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